Friday, 24 January 2014

Carparks and Street Art

On Wednesday evening, while roaming around Hamilton Central with a couple of mates taking photos and getting kicked out of private car parks, I came across a piece of street art that I'm astounded I never knew was there.
Not only is it a bright, attention grabbing piece, but a collaboration from my all time favourite street artist Shida and NZ street artist Eno. Hidden in plain sight! (although my lack of attention to the Hamilton Street Art Scene probably has a small part to play as well).

I wish I could tell you what street it was off, but i can't remember where exactly it was that we wandered from in order to find this, but I visit again I will take a note for anyone who is interested.

After a well needed stalking of Shida's Flickr page, I have discovered that this, in fact is not the only piece from the street artist in the Tron. Will have to go on a mission to find the others asap.

(Please excuse the cruddy photo quality. They were taken on my phone's camera and that's about as flash as it gets. If you want to see a better quality photo click here)

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