Saturday, 18 January 2014

In The Wake Of Creative Advances

As any artist would know, not everything you create makes it into the big wide world. A lot of the time, pieces of art remain unfinished due to loss of interest, or just isn't going in a direction you want to continue moving. So they get pushed to the side of the room to become instruments to your progression in other area of your work.

I though today I'd give you a little inside look at a few pieces that didn't quite make it, some random unfinished sketches and a few works that still have potential but are not quite what I'm inspired to be working on right now.

This was one that I had big plans for. but ended up losing interest part way through. I have a feeling it was around the time I discover just how much I loved playing with oil paints, and the acrylic paint just wasn't taking me any further in this piece. I still have hopes to pick up where I left off with this one though.

One of my experimental oil paintings. Went into this one with no plan, and no expectations of an outcome. The only process I had was to play and expand my skills and techniques with oil paints while I was still under the watchful eye of my oil painting tutor Jane at the WSA School of Arts. I doubt this piece of work will ever be finished.

An illustration I was planning on using in my 'Cosmos Collection'. This one is of Mercury, and would have been the first one of the series, but there's something about it that bugs me. But who knows, I may still be able to salvage it and save myself from creating a whole other image.

A painting I started, but again just lost interest and never found the passion for again.

A large acrylic and spray paint work that I was using for experimental purposes, but was actually coming along really well until I made a few rough decisions, and went a little overboard with the spray paint. A good little lesson in the fact that there is such a thing as too much paint, and not to rush.

The last three are drawings I started when I was hanging around waiting for planes/taxis during my trip to Hawaii mid July. Was planning on finishing them and doing more with them, possible a painting or large sketch, but never really got around to it.

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