Monday, 14 October 2013

Creative Endeavors

Apologies for being a little on the quiet side lately. As you would all know, life has a way of filling your life with time consuming activities, and consequently we end up left with little time for the all the extra things we want to do.
Fortunately though, the activities filling my time at the moment are one that still feed my creative hunger. I’ve been spending quite a bit of time branching into different areas of the arts and crafts industry, developing my skills a few other areas.

This includes;

  • ·         Starting a few commissioned drawings for some extra dollars to put towards a flash new camera. Obtaining said new camera will hopefully help push me into developing my skills in photography so that I can start taking pictures of my own to draw from rather than relying on the internet to provide the setups that I want.

  • ·         Creating a small range of product to sell in the local monthly market. Been spending time making some custom jewellery pieces and researching ways to produce fine art and t-shirt prints which is super fun and exciting to work on.

  • ·         And working relatively full time at a local cafĂ© (not exactly pushing I know, but definitely beneficial to fund my artistic endeavors) 

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