Friday, 10 January 2014

A Case of Green Fingers

For a long time, I've wanted to spruce up my room with a bit of the outdoors. Unfortunately for me, I have a habit of starting all sorts of big plans and ideas and always end up a little bored. Any plants that I would have bought, would undoubtedly lasted about as far as my attention span reaches (which trust me, is not far). As pretty as pot of flowers would have looked sitting at my desk-no doubt inspiring jaw dropping drawings and ideas-a wilted heap of leaves and soggy dirt doesn't quite induce the same effect.

So today, I acted upon a solution and bought a range of low cost, low maintenance baby cacti. Found an assortment of jars, pots, glasses, and bowls to plant them in and got to work making them look pretty. Some of them are just so gorgeous, and I'm so happy with the result. And they're practically impossible to under feed! They're a perfect little addition to my creative work space.

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