Thursday, 6 February 2014

Wellington Bound

Things are getting pretty hectic around me at the moment. I officially leave the small town of Cambridge for a much larger windy Wellington City in just over a week. So naturally, I have left everything till the last minute. Not only do I have to pack and downsize all the junk that's lying around my room in order to make the move possible, but the 'rents are moving house just after I leave. Which means that all the other shit that I would normally have been allowed to continue sitting and collecting dust, has to be pack up too.

The next week and a bit, for me, is going to contain a lot of packing, stressing, finishing commissions, completing my last days of work at the cafe, cleaning, visiting friends that I'll be leaving behind, and most likely a tonne of expletives.

Oh the joys of procrastination.

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