Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Copper Hearts/Black Magic on Etsy

Recently got my mate Josiah Clark (https://www.facebook.com/josiahclarkphotography) to do a bit of a product/modeled photo shoot with my new range of jewellery Rusted Veins. I've been focusing a lot more on two specific ranges for my jewellery label recently, and here are a few killer shots Josiah got for me (modeled photos to come soon)
Available for purchase at https://www.etsy.com/nz/shop/RustedVeins

Above are some of the pieces from the "Copper Hearts" Collection. Aspects of this collection include the obvious visual characteristics of the copper wire and chain used, light, ethereal impressions, and vibrant earthy tones.

Another collection is titled "Black Hearts". It captures more of a rough, grunge feeling with strong characteristics, and the use of black wire gives a darker, rawer finish. The photo above is from the shoot the other day. The two below are from a previous product shoot, also shot by my friend Josiah, which I blogged about here.

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