Thursday, 20 February 2014

New Beginnings

Woah! What a crazy last few days. I can now say I’m all moved in to my humble little abode in Wellington City. I still don’t think its even really sunk in yet that This is going to be my home for the next 10 months.
Bought myself a nice little Canon 60D camera off TradeMe today so hopefully I’ll be able to get some more photos back up here within a week or so. But for now I’ll just have to give my literary skills a bit of a workout.

At the moment, all the orientation activities are in full swing, so it’s all the boring introductions and meet&greets. But the nightlife is about to take off with heaps of cool acts in bars and clubs all over Wellington City to kick off the 2014 University year. Very soon though we’ll be into the actual art making (the next best thing to getting drunk and dancing with strangers).

Cant wait to show you guys what i get up to!

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