Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A Spot of Sunshine

Have to say, I've been busy dreaming of the summer months (and all their glory) quite a bit recently with all this cold, cloudy weather lurking around. Just thinking about sunshine, sand, ice cream, bikini's and temperatures that could actually be classified as warm is like emotional torture, seeing as summer still seems so far away.

With all that daydreaming I chanced upon this pair of uber-cool Sunflower Harem Pants recently from Sabo Skirt. (Don't you love it when a great fashion find coincides with a moments thoughts!) These pant are the perfect little number to see in the warmer months. They're classy and casual, and not to mention super fun. I may also have a slight bias considering the fact that sunflowers are my favourite type of flower. But, in any case, I have to have these ASAP.

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