Monday, 19 August 2013

A Familiar Tune

In my pursuit to further my artistic abilities, and broaden the audience that view the work that come as a result, I have been immersing myself into the social media hype to increase my chances of  'getting my name known'. This (of course) includes beginning this very blog as a way of showcasing my development as an artist, the things that inspire me, and anything and everything in my so-called 'creative journey'.

I felt it was necessary to provide this (cliche) introductory posts even though soon I will most likely have posted so much that it will be lost in the distance realms of a blog that not even the most dedicated fans venture into.
But for those few who will see it before it melts away into bloggers no-mans-land, please excuse the tackiness of such a post, but I do feel that now that I have got this trivialness out of the way, i have clear the path for more interesting (better) stories, ideas and inspiration.

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