Friday, 25 October 2013

The Wonders of Windy Wellington

Set out on a 6 and a half hour drive down the North Island to Wellington last weekend, in order to attend an interview as part of the application process into the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at Massey University.
After an array of stop offs, disappointing milkshakes, plenty of caffeine, and a gorgeous sunset, we made it surprisingly comfortably into the welcoming arms of the Windy City.

Wellington has held me captivated with every visit, and this time was no exception. There's just something magical about the ruggard hillside speckled with rickety old houses and winding roads disappearing around hairpin corners -vehicles haphazardly parked on makeshift carports jutting from the side of a cliff face. The center of town is always bustling with such interesting individuals- from the suit and tie businessmen, to the jeans and t shirt shopper and the horrendously clashing prints and top hat busker on the corner. Its a city with such an amazing sense of character that draws you in and steals you're heart without you even realising.

As well as getting an in depth insiders view into the Fine Arts Campus, (and a particularly short interview), I managed to case out a few quirky cafes, wander through countless racks of gorgeous clothes, and catch up with a couple of really good friends who moved down at the beginning of the year to begin their own endeavors into tertiary study.

Unfortunately I was not in possession of a camera whilst amid the cultural commotion that only a city like Wellington can produce, but I did manage to get a few shots on the journey out through the hills, coast and Desert Road to share with you just a tiny bit of my lovely little excursion from reality.

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